Sunday, December 19, 2010


This was a color exercise in which I needed to match a photography as much as possible. This image is my painting. Although painting has been such a difficult skill for me to learn; I feel that this exercise really helped me understand it a bit better.

This is a side by side comparison of the photograph and my painting.


This is a scratchboard illustration with one of the deadly seven sins as theme, Pride

My favorite one!

Well that's all I can say for this painting, it was my favorite. I feel that after 4 months of working with watercolors this is the best I could do. I feel comfortable now working with them. I was very pleased with it and I still am. This was a 40 min pose.


These two paintings were from the same session.

10 min pose.

20 min pose.


These are some of the best paintings I did during these past few months. Some of them are 20 minute poses and some are 40.

This painting reminded me the fashion illustration classes I took last year. Something about the music and the model helped me paint this. I was feeling very inspired during this session. 40 min. pose.

This was another 40 min pose.

This might have been a 30 min pose.