Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chimp Print

This is another forgotten pair of prints whose digital files were lost the first time I lost nearly all my content from my hard drive. I was happy to look at them again as I scanned them again!




After losing an incredible amount of digital files for the SECOND time, I had to rephotograph a lot of my work. Most of it might not last that long so it gave me even more of an incentive to archive most of my old work again. These are some of the prints I created a while ago in a printmaking class. It was great to do drypoint, lithograph printing, screen printing, linoleum printing and combinations of them. Archiving my prints was as important as printing so I tried to matte them the best I could. IT was very rewarding to create them. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dakota Man

Sketch from the American Museum of Natural History. Done with Tombow markers. It took me around 40 mins.

Victor from Zombie Podcast

These are details of my final sketch for a painting I am planning to dedicate to one of my favorite characters in the Zombie Podcast, Victor!! I wanted to pay tribute to him as he is one of the very few Mexican characters I know of. I always thought it was entertaining to see his relationship with animals as being difficult. Starting with Pegs' cat or as Saul called him "Zombie Kitty." Later on with Saul's chickens. I see him as a very strong and loyal character. The final illustration will be the 2nd one of a series of paintings I want to complete based on characters of the series.