Tuesday, January 31, 2012

South American Peoples

Another drawing done at the AMNH in the South American Peoples exhibit. I used Tombow markers and about 30 mins of my life.

Monday, January 30, 2012

SI Sketch Night "Bar Adventures"

 20 min pose. My favorite one.
20 min each.

SI Sketch Night "Casual Night"

20 min pose. My favorite of the night

20 min each.

Drawing from Plates I

A few years ago I attended a drawing class in which the instructor gave me a copy of one page from a book which contained hundreds of plates of anatomy studies. For a long time I looked for that book and never found it. About a while ago I found it and bought it. I will be studying these plates and copying them. This is the first one I studied.

Sketchbook work

I got a book about Italy and its culture and the photographs were amazing. I wanted to use some of those beautiful photographs and draw from them.

Drawing at the AMNH

Indian Rhinoceros

Female Pirate 2

I decided to go back to some of the reference images I had left on my desk and work on some of them. This was one of the images I really wanted to work on. Since the first pirate I did was in watercolor I thought it would be good to keep using watercolor in order to get more practice with it.

It's a Part of Me

This is the final color version of the original b/w painting of my good friend Andres Taveras. He is very passionate about graffiti so I thought it would be appropriate to portray him painting himself out of a wall.